ICEF Writing Competition 2013-2014

In the midst of my first year as a freelancer and adjunct ‘seminarist’ at the Higher School of Economics, International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF), I decided I needed some extra work.

I studied creative writing and English literature at university and always loved writing.  However, I remember having little acted upon the desire to submit material to writing competitions. With that in mind, I decided to organise an opportunity for my first year students at ICEF.

Aided by some financial support from the “ICEF Teaching and Learning Development Fund”, this is what I came up with. Pretty basic, but it did the trick:

ICEF Writing Comp poster

ICEF writing competition poster, 2014


We had a grand total of 11 entries, but much more interest.  Fighting for limelight with mid-March deadlines before exams was probably not the best idea and we could have promoted it better, but such is life.

We’ll develop the idea more next year. Hopefully, we can widen participation in ICEF, but also across other University of London affiliate centres.

Big thanks to Helen Mary Owen for the help assessing the submissions.  Nataliya Kolyadina was a great help in the final assessment, but also in the organisational aspects – providing valuable counsel to a newbie to the Russian university system.  And, of course, a big thanks to Oleg Zamkov, deputy director of ICEF, for his words of encouragement and receiving the winners.

You can read the winning submissions here in PDF:

Nataliya Mikhialova – 1st place

Maria Statirova – 2nd place

Oleg Sobchenko – 3rd place

Here is an interview with Nataliya (in Russian) on the ICEF website.