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Russian Roulette… you’ll never believe what happened next!


Blatant click bait. Sorry. Not really. You should know better.

Well, now that you’re here, you might as well have a gander at the wares. It’s all for Movember. A post everyday for the month. Consider a dollar per post! That’s a fair deal.  It’s more work than you think! Plus growing a super tash and working to raise awareness about important men’s health issues? Certainly worth a dollar a day. 

Anyway, I was recently back in Mother Rus as part of a Burlington Yaroslavl Sister City delegation. A lot of the photos and info from my recent trip that trip can be found on the our Facebook page.

As a short Sunday evening post, I thought I’d share with you a few favorites from my own amateur efforts.

The captions have a touch of info about each. Enjoy!

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Photos, Travel

Summer Orphans – 2014

Everyone needs a home. Everyone needs some love. These babies don’t classify easily, so together they will be – orphans of the 2014 road trip around the Easy East of America.


A collection of photos from outing to the Bolshoi Theatre New Stage to see ‘Evgenii Onegin‘ – a timeless Russian classic by Alexander Pushkin.

I had just finished the book (dual English and Russian version), so was mentally prepared for a bit of a literary slog. In buying the tickets, I was convinced it was a play, but only found out upon arrival that it was an opera. Luckily, they have screens on each side with subtitles in English. I’ll try anything once. Opera, tick.



The Bolshoi Theatre New Stage