Make it happen

A bit of a push to get a blog post together every day. Not gonna lie. They don’t call it a challenge for no reason.

Finding inspiration, time and the motivation… to continue looking at the blue light special screen… I would love to have more time to hack out messy missives to the blogosphere, but don’t we all wish there was more time for the things dread.

On we trudge. Through the muck and mire. Through the over-hyped Supermoons. Through the outrageous misfortune of recent political appointments. Through the disheartening but grounding force of democracy (“The people have spoken”). Through the sidelong looks at our burgeoning stashery.IMG_3838.JPG


I have to remind myself that this mouth brow beats down everyone it sees whether I look at people like an idiot (as above) or not.

I’ll get a big asking yet endearing email out to everyone soon, reminding you of why exactly we do this. No need to go into it now.

Reading a fantastic book at the moment called “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall that I really want to finish…and go for a run in the morning. I’ll leave you with some parting thoughts from him.