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Last call…

“Last year on November 11 I called my father for Veteran’s Day, as I usually did. He would reluctantly admit that he had served his country, but not much else. In addition to the usual goings on in “river city,” we shared mustache growing stories. This would be his second year in a row participating in Movember. He didn’t really get it because he always had a ‘stache, but he humored us and did it for men’s health. That was the last time I spoke to him. I’m doing Movember again this year (for the fourth year in a row), but it’s more of a personal journey this time. I don’t have the energy to shout about how you should give money. I’m doing it for dad. I’m doing it for health. Give if you like. Or just watch your health. Get a check up. Be happy. Love. Live it up. Life’s short.”


*I wrote this Nov. 18, 2014, for Facebook. Seemed wrong to hide away there. Same with the photos below. According to the penciled note on the back, they were taken in Hampton Beach, 1963. 




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