Rock me a wagon

What better than a cold, refreshing beer at the end of the day. Let your woes—work and worry—slide to the back of your mind like the hoppy, heady froth to the back of your throat and down your gullet. Let your mind wallow in a shallow pool of Lionel Richie’s sweat. Satiated. Relaxed.

F*ckin’ a… Sounds great, right?

Yea. Beer is good (and sunday mornings). If you’re anything like me, you’re partial to a malted tipple over kindly banter with friends and family. But how often do you actually take the time to appreciate the dynamism of your experience as you quaff?  Hardly ever? Is that part of the joy? Living life in the moment?

Wheels on the wagon go round and round

If not thinking about the experience, unless you are getting shitfaced, what is worth considering is the frequency that you partake. With it being Movember, a month of focus on health and well-being amongst men folk, what better time to take stock…

Without getting preachy, we all know we’re only supposed to a have beer or so every night to appropriately pickle ourselves into our 80s and 90s. Drink too much and it’s like over salting the cucumbers. Shrivel and die by your golden jubilee, a flaccid gherkin.

Because I quit smoking cigarettes for the last time in Movember (third time lucky), the month holds a special gravitas in my mind for health…and making it easy.

Now here’s where I start to starch my vestments.

The Easy Way to Quit Smoking. Yes, I read it three times, but hell, each time it was easy to quit (harder for some just to finish the book).  It was losing focus after that got me on attempt #1 &#2.

Stopping drinking isn’t hard for me, just like stopping smoking, but the psychological hurdles and social pressures do present challenges. Especially being a young, single dude. But that’s OK. If life was only Sunday mornings, we’d be flaccid gherkins from our mid-20s. Hell, we want to stay crisp and crunchy with the appropriate spice for as long as possible, right?

img_2223Head west, young man! On a wagon!

A few people have asked why I’m not drinking for the month (#MoSober). As I mentioned in the first post, Ariel Kiley had a serendipitous hand in the decision (highly recommend reading her post, btw). Not the first time I’d had the idea, but her post came in the right tone at the right time—a symbolic month ahead, needed some extra challenges (but let’s not underestimate the challenge that is growing a sa-weeeeet stash) and a kick in the ass to get running again.

I like to think of it as changing my camera lens for a spell—widening the angle, clearing away some dust and getting closer to the things I want to take photos of…

Life occasionally forces us to change the color, shape or quality of our lens. Sometimes it’s nice to be proactive about it. (That’s a subtle hint to vote next week. Don’t be a dink.)

**** Looking to donate to my Movember campaign, raising funds and awareness for men’s health? Go here http://mobro.co/albunten and give all you can to help stop men dying too young. 



2 thoughts on “Rock me a wagon

  1. High fives for the present moment! I think I’ve been sober for… hmmmm… 2.5 weeks now. It’s such a relief. And I’m wondering if this mustachian reference is related to Mr. Money Mustache himself? xx Keep it up. AK


    • Hi Fives all around! Live life now! Mr Money Mo is a casual acquaintance, but I’m not a full on follower of his creeds. I’m a bit too whimsical for some of his more staid beliefs. Thanks for the inspiration! More later. xx AB


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