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MOS-NYC – Day 1

Our journey from Moscow to NYC was relatively painless.  I organized my computer, touched up my application to the Clipper #Winleg6 contest and watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. Good film. Laughed my britches off. His mental wanderings really tickled my bunny fone, for some reason. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, but I thought Ben Still did alright.  Great locations in Iceland – makes me wanna go.

Julia slept a bit and tried to play the Aeroflot in-flight gaming console, but at sloth-like speeds, it wasn’t so engaging.  Pretty much everyone brings some sort of device on-board, so it must be a bit silly to develop such technology.  Some French Solitaire took me back to playing it with marbles around the house in Vermont as a kid…


A midwestern brew.

Land. Passports. Taxi. JFK-Brooklyn. Lovely.

Got settled in our digs and had a charming chinwag with the one and only D. Smith after so many years between us.  He set us up with some great food/libation recommendations and we were on our way out the door before the 4-hours-sleep momentum stopped. A quick dip through Prospect Park gave us an idea of the activity in the area.  An amazing place for all manner of community cohorting.

The Farm on Adderly wasn’t open yet so we caught a swift pint in the Sycamore Bar & Flower Shop – what a combo.  A flower shop entrance leading to a long bar bouquet of happy, hoppy beers and an open sitting area outside with vines, trees, books on tables, and locals

(I learned later that Thursdays are when New Yorkers typically go out. Everyone from Jersey and other suburbs comes in on Friday and Saturday, so Thursday is the day that the local population takes to the town.)

An incredible burger and steak between us at The Farm on Adderly followed.  I tried a Midwestern Pale Ale and was pleasantly impressed. Didn’t know the midwest was making decent brew.  An incredible meal, but that was the end of us. In bed by sundown.

On the way home we ran into this high school and thought of the Erasmus Mundus crew in Poland. You are all missed!

Twelve hours sleep set the tone for an energised, event-filled Day 2.



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