One month of postage

Well, there you have it. A man of my word. One month bloggery. Tick. Can’t say that I wrote a ton, but George certainly found a digital home for some of his orphan children.

Some realizations:

  1. I still make a silly switch between North American and British English spellings. I should really use one.
  2. I barely have enough time to post photos, let alone have time to sit and contemplate some well-structured/argued writing – this must change. Sacrifices will be made.
  3. I love taking photos. George is a special fella.
  4. Being part of a digital/blog community like this is… something like shouting down an interwebular canyon and hearing a few echoes and enjoying the response. Like likes like.  I’m not a convinced blogger, but I certainly find the encouragement heartening towards creative pursuits.
  5. I love a challenge.

This won’t stop here, but I think now that I have my head around the basics and a bit of insight into the blogging community, I’ll be able to better angle my reentrance to such orbits. With purpose. With less wonk.

Signing off from the easy East…



2 thoughts on “One month of postage

    • Thanks, chief! I surely don’t have the substance of your blog, so I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself, but you might give the ol’ NaBloPoMo a whack just for jollies! Ever thought of doing the NaNoWriMo? Sounds up your Mary King’s Close…


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