Only just realised that…

…what I’m doing here has a name. NaBloPoMo, blogging every day for a month, was established in conjunction of sorts with NaNoWriMo – writing a 50,000 word novel in November. I’ve always wanted to give the latter a go, but only naturally stumbled on the idea of writing a blog everyday when I was in Perm. 

I’ve been knee deep in the blog-0-sphere for nearly three weeks and I can surely recommend it for anyone trying to get over the initial shock of an internet/blog voice.

Mix up some thoughts, quotes, stories, pictures, ideas, and you’ve got content. Edit and proofread to your heart’s content, but the next day, it’s usually just charging forward again.

Craig Bunten, take note…


Handmade cribbage board by Craig Bunten, my enterprising brother who is also needing a kick up the blog. Check out his page (linked to pic) and give him some comments to get him going.



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