750 Words

As I delve further into this month of daily bloggery, the idea of continuing after the April 14th grows on me.

Fisheye, George and I

Fisheye, George and I

I’ve always loved writing, but never seemed to have the time to develop a voice in blogging. After a few failed starts, I’m happy to be doing this now.  George and I have a lot of pictures together and they aren’t doing any good sitting on my hard disk. Also, living abroad for such a long time it’s healthy to reflect on ideas or issues possibly taken for granted.

I hope to do more of the cultural reflection in the future, especially in relation to my current host country, Russia. An often misunderstood place for many reasons, but also a highly magnetic place.  I’ll not go into it all here just yet. That will take more energy and coffee.

I will briefly mention a site I came upon today in some internet wandery on Imgur:


A gamified version of writing for yourself, it’s drafting or ‘freewriting’ for the more private crowd. I say gamified because if you do certain things, you get badges and such like – a very cool idea that’s creeping into education and many other areas of life.  It works for some, others not.  Either way, if you need a place to push out a word limit and keep your ideas fresh, it’s a great wee site.

Whether you feel comfortable putting your deepest and darkest secrets anywhere on the interweb is, of course, up to you.  However, should you do so on a regular basis, the site has very cool linguistic features to analyse your writing, but more specifically, your brain/subconscious.

Unfortunately, as of June 2013 it’s a pay-site. You get a free month, though. I’ll see if I can keep it up to make it worth the $5 per month.



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