Perm Version 1.1

I’ve unfortunately left my camera cable at home, otherwise I’d follow up the first post in this series with a pile of pictures showcasing Perm and some of its beauties, but alas… it will have to wait until I get back to Moscow.

It’ll suffice to say that it’s a quaint city with an interesting edge to it.  There are many more classic brick buildings here (and I’ve taken a slightly obsessive stance in photographing them) than in Moscow.  This is an art I really wish would be revived in Russia. The difference between the new brick buildings isn’t just in the way they are designed, but also in the way the bricks are laid.  They often seem like they need touching up almost immediately after being finished, whereas the older ones probably haven’t been touched for 50-odd years. I digress…wait for the photos.

It’s certainly not the cleanest city, but you can tell from the amount of festivals lined up, the street art, the coffee shops, and the graffiti that there’s a funky soul to this remote city.

I started the day with a 5k run from the hotel down to the embankment and along the bridge over the River Kama.  I loved being 70 ft over the water with ‘nothing but air and opportunity’ between (as my father would say).  Nearly a kilometre wide, it would be long, cold swim. All told, a lovely jaunt, but just after a wet snow, I was happy to get through the shower.

After work, I tried to check out the Perm Modern Art Museum, but was thwarted by an installation process.  In lieu of that, I spent a good few hours following the “green line” –  a painted green line on the sidewalks leading you to points of interest around the city with info boards in Russian and English. There was also the option of the “red line” or “gold line”. The red one had a more romantic tone to it, but I’m not sure what the gold line was promoting. Also a story better told with photos…

Tomorrow I’ll attempt a 2-hour bus ride 90k south to Kungur Ice Cave, one of the biggest in the world.



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