Hot Winds

Running is back on the menu. Let’s blame Mr. Macpherson for this suffer fest returning to my life. Well, thanks is probably in order, but deep down all runners know it’s a masochistic art. 17 miles I ran yesterday—for…fun?? Yes. Fun. And training.

Montreal marathon is Sept. 25 and a sub 4-hour job would tickle my cockles. Whatever that means.

That was the furthest I’d run in minimalist shoes. Yes, I’m a minimaler. Born to run in nothing but me body.

Hot Winds is the team name. Running the Maraton Des Sables in 2019 is our game. Big web presence in the pipeline. Wait for it…


It's was how big?

Mt Philo Photo Medley

Mt. Philo is Vermont’s first state park, established in 1924. Towering at just shy of a thousand feet (968 ft), it’s a few miles from home. Sure, it’s not a monster, but it’s a great place for a few Jackjump runs with a local crew.

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To the balcony, to be a bird

They don’t talk much, but they are excitable and appreciative. Winter is here and their minds are hungry for survival. They need sustenance for their children. Don’t we all? Whether those offspring are ideas, interests, or mouths to feed, we all need…

They are blind to the complexities of humanity, without which they would no longer exist. Descartes.  They make a dill weed perch, survey the yard and decide at once to jump, flap, peck, stand, stop, jump, flap, flap, be.

To be a pumpkin seed eater. To be a bird.

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HPN Seeking New Leadership

The HPN Academy

We are looking for an enthusiastic EMA member to take over the management of the Humanities Professional Network. It’s a volunteer opportunity with loads of potential. Interested? Send a CV and motivation letter to

The shape of the Erasmus Mundus Association is changing as it goes legal and finds its path under Erasmus+. The Humanities Professional Network, after a long break, is also trying to find a way forward under these conditions.

Starting from scratch back in 2011, we had an amazing few years of development –two well-received international conferences, 11 editions of the HPN Review, an active social media presence (Twitter and Facebook), and a comprehensive website. The team of volunteers responsible for making this happen should be rewarded in this life and the next…

It was a shock to the system when our third scheduled conference was cancelled due to a melee of financial and logistical circumstances…

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Cracks of the hours

Layered like the days I write,
slapping one on the other
when they are good and ready –
a fat Frenchman’s croissant.
Dew and sweat
and grit and greens,
pushing punctuation between
the cracks of the hours.


Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose
Loveliness extreme.
Extra gaiters,
Loveliness extreme.
Sweetest ice-cream.
Pages ages page ages page ages.

~ Gertrude Stein

Signed benches
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Yaroslavl, Russia



Soviet answer to the pink Cadillac?

Soviet answer to the pink Cadillac?